Merlin CO2 24hr AVG Monitor


Product Description

The Merlin CO2 24hr AVG by S&S Northern is a household carbon dioxide monitoring system specifically designed in line with the Scottish technical handbook. If the CO2 reaches alarm level the Merlin CO2 24hr AVG monitor will illuminate ‘High’ to indicate a visual alarm to alert occupants to improve the ventilation in the room. The Merlin CO2 AVG Monitor will also record an average CO2 reading over the previous 24 & 8 hours in accordance with the set regulations along with the highest reading over the past 24 hours.

• Clear digital readings of the live CO2 levels.
• LED warning lights when the CO2 levels increase.
• Push button on the fascia to display the 24 hr CO2 average, which is updated every 15 minutes along with the previous 8-hour average and highest CO2 level within the last 24hrs.
• 240v AC Main Powered.
• Self-contained double insulated therefore no earth is required.
• Terminal outputs to control mechanical air ventilation.
• Complies with the Scottish Technical Handbook October 2015 requirements for CO2 monitoring with domestic dwellings
• 2 Year Warranty
• Made in Britain

• Height – 95mm
• Width – 132mm
• Depth – 32mm