Merlin 1000S+ Gas Proving & Electric (incl. Gas Pressure Transducer)

Panel Laboratory Control Gas Pressure Proving Fire Alarm Interface External Gas Detector CO2 Monitor interface Electrical Isolation Gas Isolation
  • Merlin 1000S+ Gas Proving & Electric (incl. Gas Pressure Transducer)

The Merlin 1000S+ gas pressure proving and electric isolation system is designed specifically for use in School and University Laboratories. This panel is to be used to carry out a gas proving test on the pipe work in order to highlight if there is a gas appliance open or a gas leak in the laboratory. The Merlin 1000S+ is designed to give the teacher full control over the incoming gas supply and bench electrics with the lockable main key-switch and touch sensors.

The Merlin 1000S+ can work in conjunction with carbon dioxide, natural gas, carbon monoxide and LPG sensors. The Merlin 1000S+ also has a built in “timeout” facility which will automatically shut off the gas solenoid valve at the end of a specific time period, this time period can be adjusted to 2, 5, 8 hours or can be overridden if required. 

  • Gas Pressure Proving feature provides a tightness test on the pipework downstream of the gas valve
  • Accepts signals from the fire alarm or BMS system to isolate the fuel supply
  • System can be used with a variety of gas detectors
  • Is compatible with a CO2 Monitor
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Gas Isolation
Width: 254mm
Height: 178mm
Depth: 62mm
  1. 1000S+ Wiring Diagram.pdf Download
  2. 2021 S&S Science Laboratory Brochure.pdf Download
  3. 1000S+ Technical.pdf Download
  4. 1000S+ CAD - DWG Download
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