Merlin GDPX+ Gas Proving and Detection System with remote monitoring

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  • Merlin GDPX+ Gas Proving and Detection System with remote monitoring

The Merlin GDPX+ is a 16 zone detection & gas pressure proving system which can be used in many applications, e.g. Boiler house / Plant room, highrise accommodation, car parks, shopping centers and battery rooms.

The GDPX+ has a touch screen which displays two modes, the engineers mode and the user mode. A settings dip switch inside the controller allows the engineer/user to configure the system to suit every requirement. 

Many varieties of detectors are compatible with GDPX+, e.g. Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide,LPG, Hydrogen, Refrigerant Gas and Oxygen depletion.

Up to 16 detectors can be used in any combination and can be individually monitored on the GDPX+ (no need for additional expensive power packs)

Also multiple heat detector links can be used, when wired in series. The GDPX+ can be integrated with a BMS and fire alarms using Modbus, simple switch or LAN Network.


  • Gas Pressure Proving feature provides a tightness test on the pipework downstream of the gas valve
  • Accepts signals from the fire alarm or BMS system to isolate the fuel supply
  • System can be used with a variety of gas detectors
  • Modbus connectivity
  • Gas Isolation
Width: 254mm
Height: 178mm
Depth: 62mm
  1. Boiler Mechanical Room Safety Solution.pdf Download
  2. GDPX+ Gas Detection System without Utility Isolation Wiring Diagram.pdf Download
  3. GDPX+ Gas Detection System with Utility Isolation Wiring Diagram.pdf Download
  4. SNS GDPX BIM File +.rfa Download
  5. GDPX+ Product Datasheet.pdf Download
  6. GDPX+ CAD File.dwg Download
  7. GDPX+ CAD PDF File.pdf Download
  8. 2021 S&S Boiler Room Brochure.pdf Download

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