Merlin LPG Detector X

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  • Merlin LPG Detector X

The X range of S&S detectors work in combination with the S&S Merlin range of Gas Detection panels and Safety Systems. Semi conductor type sensor for industrial and commercial indoor applications. Compact, modern, digital design makes the units aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.

The LPG detector X is to be fitted at approximately 300mm from ground height in order to detect any LPG build up. The detector should be installed at low level as LPG build up occurs from the ground upwards due to the dense nature of the gas. At 10% of the low explosion level the detector will trigger the attached Merlin system causing an alarm state and instant isolation of the gas valve. This can only be reset by finding the source of the build-up, allowing the detector head to clear, and resetting the attached Merlin panel.

  • System can be used with a variety of gas detectors
Width: 95mm
Height: 140mm
  1. GAS DETECTOR X CAD File.dwg Download
  2. GAS DETECTOR X CAD PDF File.pdf Download
  3. SNS Merlin Liquid Petroleum Gas Detector X BIM File.rfa Download
  4. Gas Detector X Product Datasheet.pdf Download

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