PIR Occupancy Sensor

Panel Water Leak Detection & BREEAM Energy Saving
  • PIR Occupancy Sensor

S&S Northern Ltd offer PIR Occupancy Sensors which can be used to achieve one credit within BREEAM WAT 03. The PIR Occupancy Sensors are to be used with a Goldseal Water Solenoid Valve.

In the event where the room is unoccupied for a pre-set period of time then the PIR sensor will automatically shut down the water solenoid valve.

  • Achieves one credit from BREEAM WAT 03
  • 230V output and power supply to the PIR Occupancy Sensor
  • Adjustable Time Setting
  • Large Distance Range

For further information on BREEAM WAT 03 then visit our safety regs page.

  • Energy Saving
  1. AX-OCF 310321 (1).pdf Download

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