Spec Wizard

Ensure your project has the correct equipment.

Here at S&S Northern we ensure your project is meeting all the latest gas regulations and recommendations.

As part of our dedication to continual progress and development, the S&S Northern team has developed the pioneering Spec Wizard. Spec Wizard is a dynamic resource that significantly reduces a consultant’s workload by searching for and identifying the most appropriate equipment for a project, location or specification.

By simply answering questions from the drop down menu, Spec Wizard will instantly generate the ideal specification a consultant needs to meet various gas regulations on their project.

Spec Wizard will then create and email an equipment list which can then be directly used within a specification document, saving hours of time and money during the research and sourcing stages.

For help with the Spec Wizard or if you would like one of S&S Northern’s technically trained sales engineers to explain the process over the telephone, please call us on +44 (0) 1257 470 983

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