REHVA & CIBSE Building Ventilation COVID-19 Guidance

Carbon Dioxide Air Quality Monitoring & Life Safety
In Accordance With REHVA & CIBSE COVID-19 Guidance


Safety & Service

Gas Interlock Systems in Commercial Kitchens
Protecting Staff from Gas Leaks & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Gas Safety in
Every Environment

Gas Safety in Laboratories for Schools, Colleges & Universities
Protecting Children, Students, Staff & Buildings from Gas Leaks


Boiler Room Safety

The Merlin range of gas detector panels can be
customised to your needs using a range of detection sensors


Is your Commercial Kitchen, Laboratory or Commercial Building at risk?

Hazardous Gas Leaks

Detection of Gas Leaks, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Natural Gas Detection, LPG Gas Detection.

CE Approved

Our systems have been tested, certified and are marked as CE Approved – for use in the European Union.

BS6173, UP/11, BB100

All our systems meet and exceed BS6173, UP/11 and BB100 standards. Legislation put in place for new or refurbished Gas work.

Consultants & Engineers

We are experienced in supporting consultants and helping them find the right equipment quickly and at the right price.

S&S Northern are happy to help...

The Merlin range from S&S – Gas Interlock, Ventilation, Pressure Proving Protection.


Kitchen Interlock, Laboratory Control, Gas Detection & Environment Safety.

Laboratory Control

Gas Shut off Systems to provide Teacher Control, Protect the Building out of hours and most importantly ensures the safety of Children & Students.

View Lab Control

Gas Detection & Environment Safety

Gas Detection range to provide Gas Shut off in the event of Gas Leaks or Fire Alarm. All of our safety systems will protect the building 24/7/365.

View Gas Detection & Environment Safety

Kitchen Interlock

Systems ensure the ventilation is running before Gas can be introduced into the kitchen, this prevents the build-up of Carbon Monoxide that can be inhaled.

View Kitchen Interlock

I know sometimes it can go astray not to say thanks often enough. The service is fantastic, on every level and at every stage. I really can’t think of anything else S&S could improve on if Im honest!

Mark Simpson - PHS Compliance

We are more than happy with S&S Northern. Every single person that answers the phone or quotes to me they are very professional.

Mandy Sloan - Selwyn Building Services Ltd

The equipment and service S&S Northern supply is always good. I will keep supplying the boxes based on the reliability rates.

Mark Turnock - Harrogate Catering Services

We have no problems at all with S&S Northern's service, one of our best suppliers for delivery, price and quality.

Sally - Mainland Catering Equipment