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Pressure Drop Calculator

To quickly calculate your GSV pressure drop, simply enter the pipe diameter and flow rate, then click ‘Calculate’

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What is pressure drop

Is a change or drop in line pressure at the valve which is as a result of demand created by the system.

Is Pressure drop an important factor?

The pressure drop of a gas valve is a very important factor in maintaining the correct system pressures. The higher the pressure drop the greater demand on the system to maintain a desired flow to the appliances. This addional demand could damage both the valve and downstream appliances should the correct flow not be maintained.

Pressure Drop Calculator

The pressure drop calculator has been developed to help with sizing the most suitable valve or to establish the correct alternative valve. It is very important that the gas valve is sized on the required volume and total line pressure drop.

How does a Gas Solenoid valve work?

A Gas solenoid valve is used to isolate or allow the pass of gas to an appliance. The most common type of gas solenoid valve would be a normally closed, Auto reset type. This means that when the solenoid coil is not powered or energised the valve will be in the closed position with the plunger being down, effectively sealing the valve and preventing the gas to flow. Once the closed valve receives power effectively energising the coil, the magnetic field causes the plunger to rise and allow flow of gas to the appliance. If there was to be a power failure the valve will go to its normal non powered state of closing and the gas will no longer flow. The Auto reset function means that once power is restored the valve will automatically open and normal operation will continue.

Goldseal Gas Solenoid valves

The Goldseal gas solenoid valve is a premium brand gas solenoid valve, manufactured to the highest standards in our fully audited and certified partner facilities. The valves are certified in accordance to EN161 Class A and independently tested and certified by KIWA. These approvals makes this type of valve suitable to be used in all commercial plant rooms, commercial kitchens, educational establishments, Hospitals and generally any areas which require extra protection and addional line safety. The Goldseal valve has a special visual power LED indicator fitted showing when the valve is energised. This unique feature allows valves to be installed at height and in safety critical areas where a visual indicator would confirm the correct status of the valve.