Diaphragm Gas Meter


S&S Northern Ltd offers the Honeywell range of Diaphragm Gas Meters scale from the everyday domestic BK-G4 Gas Meter that you would find in most households, right up to the BKG100 Meter that the Utility Companies use on incoming supplies to large buildings. These Meters are MID approved giving them the ability to be used on Billing applications and also have extraordinary flow performance down to the smallest amount of gas.

The smaller GMD Meters from 20 – 50mm all use a union connection, which are supplied alongside each meter. 65mm to 100mm a PN16 Flanged connection is supplied. All of the Diaphragm Meters are connected through the U shape design with inlets on top of the Meter.

Each GMD Gas Meter has a mechanical index for the meter reading itself but they can also be paired up with an IN-Z61 Pulse Transmitter in order to send data remotely. Higher specification of communication can also be offered with M-Bus outputs and also Digital readouts for easier Meter reading.

The standard use for this range is to monitor Natural Gas supplies but these meters can also be used with LPG gas systems as well. The maximum operating pressure of gas that can be monitored is 500mbar.

  • MID Approved
  • Connections Size – 20mm – 100mm
  • Flanged Connection, Screwed Connection
  • Pulsed Output Available (additional MBUS on request)

Available upon request

S&S Northern Product Catalogue
GMD 25mm U6 G4 Diaphragm Gas Meter
GMD 25mm U10 G6 Diaphragm Gas Meter
GMD 32mm U16 G10 Diaphragm Gas Meter
GMD 50mm U25 G16 Diaphragm Gas Meter
GMD 50mm U40 G25 Diaphragm Gas Meter
GMD 65mm U65 G40 Diaphragm Gas Meter
GMD 80mm U100 G65 Diaphragm Gas Meter
GMD 100mm U160 G100 Diaphragm Gas Meter