Merlin 1000VW+ Gas Pressure Proving, Electric & Water Isolation with Ventilation Interlocking (incl. Gas Pressure Transducer)


The Merlin 1000VW+ Range of Educational Laboratory Utility Controls allows the Teacher to command the utilities available to the classroom at any given time whilst also including built in safety features to protect the classroom, students and the building. The Merlin 1000VW+ controls water, gas and electricity with individual touch buttons and time out functions. The gas pressure is tested using a unique digital transducer ensuring there are no open gas taps and no gas leaks. In built connectivity allows for connections to existing fire alarm and building management systems and with its easy to use system status panel and labeled PCB the Merlin 1000VW+ is easy to install and easy to operate. Another main feature of the Merlin 1000VW+ is the facility to interlock between the ventilation system and the gas solenoid valve. The system is compatible with both current monitors and air pressure differential switches in order to interlock with up to 2 fans.

• Works conjunction with a Merlin CO2 Monitor.
• Interlocks with the ventilation.
• Controls the Gas, Water and Electricity.
• Protects people and property by testing for leaks before allowing the gas on.
• Reliable method of pressure proving using the gas pressure transducer.
• Low-pressure indiction, continual monitoring of gas pressure.
• Clear LED display for system indications.
• Compatible with both BMS and fire alarm systems.
• No calibration required.
• Covered by S&S Northern 3 Year Warranty

• Height – 178mm
• Width – 254mm
• Depth – 62mm

1000VW+ Product Datasheet
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Science Laboratory Specification
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1000VW+ CAD File – DWG
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