Merlin WLMZ4 Multi-Zone Water Leak Detection

4 Zone Water Leak Detection Controller (Up To 12 WLM)


The largest of the WLMZ range, the Merlin WLMZ4 can be used with up to 12 WLM controllers in a number of combinations.

The Merlin WLMZ4 can be used in many commercial, residential & light industrial applications that require multi-zone water leak detection and monitoring through a central controller. It can be used with up to 12 Merlin Water Leak Detection Monitors (3 monitors per zone terminal) for detecting water leaks. The controller panel can be integrated with, but not limited to, a BMS (building management system) and external alarms.

The control panel should be located in an accessible area for both status observation and alarm purposes.

• BMS Normally Closed or Normally Open and Common
• Connect up to 6 Merlin WLM units to WLMZ2
• Each zone can control up to 3 WLM units
• Clear LED display for system indications
• Easy to Install
• Covered by S&S Northern ltd 3 year warranty

• Height – 180mm
• Width – 255mm
• Depth – 64mm

S&S Northern Product Catalogue
S&S WLMZ4 Manual Rev 2