PM2+ Double Current Monitor

The PM2+ has superseded the PM2 current monitor and the PM2 is no longer available for purchase.


The Merlin PM2+ is a dual fan current monitor and is to be used in conjunction with the Merlin 1500S, CT1750, 2000S & 3000S Systems; it can be used as an alternative to an air pressure differential switch. The system uses a unique built in current monitor which displays the exact fan current, in order to interlock with the ventilation with precision accuracy. 

• Internal LCD Display of the fan current for simple installation.
• Set high and low fan current range.
• Reliable method of interlock, with no moving parts there is little to go wrong.
• Can monitor 2 fans with running currents between 0.1A – 18A.
• Can be used when pressure differential switches cannot be used e.g. wall-mounted fans
• Easy installation
• Covered by S&S Northern Ltd 3 year warranty.

• Height – 140mm
• Width – 190mm
• Depth – 62mm

S&S Northern Product Catalogue
PM2+ Product Datasheet