Screwed 240V Valve
(Normally Closed)

SKU: Screwed 240v Valve

Product Description

The Gold Seal GSV solenoid valves are widely used in various industries for gas transmission to provide isolation and emergency shut-off. The valves can be used on various hydrocarbon gases including natural gas & liquid petroleum gas.

All of our gas valves comply with EN-161 and are KIWA tested and certified for sale in the UK, EU Australia and New Zealand. We also have a range of UL & ULC approved products for the USA & Canada.

1/2'' 15mm
3/4'' 20mm
1'' 25mm
1+1/4'' 32mm
1+1/2'' 40mm
2'' 50mm

• IP65 Rated
• Have ¼” BSP downstream port for our gas proving systems.
• Power LED indicator
• Easy Installation
• Covered by S&S Northern 1 Year Warranty.

Available on request