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Save Energy, Improve Kitchen Comfort, Reduce Carbon & HVAC Load

Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation Energy Saving System

Merlin 3000S Energy Saving System

The Merlin 3000S energy saving control system has been specifically designed for NEW and RETROFIT store applications, providing automated control over the ventilation system by adjusting exhaust and kitchen HVAC inlet air in response to the presence and level of cooking activity. Based on the temperature inside the exhaust hoods, the Merlin 3000S maximizes kitchen ventilation energy efficiency and reduces energy waste while improving kitchen comfort.


Merlin CO2 iS Detector
View Datasheet
Merlin CO iS Detector
View Datasheet
Temperature Probe
View Datasheet
10 Meter Temp Probe Wire
View Datasheet
Optical Cable

7m or 15m emitter & recieiver

View Datasheet - 15m ReceiverView Datasheet - 15m Emitter

Inputs & Outputs


(2) Temperature Probes
(2) Optical Sensors
(1) Fire Panel
(1) CO Detector
(1) CO2 Detector
(1) Emergency Stop Button


(1) Exhaust Fan
(1) Intake Fan
(2) 0-10V
(1) SPDT Relay
(1) 12VDC

Merlin 3000S Case Study

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