Merlin 3000S Energy Saving Interlock System

Panel Commercial Kitchen Protection Gas Pressure Proving Ventilation Interlock Monitor Up To 2 Fans Fire Alarm Interface External Gas Detector CO/CO2 Boost CO2 Monitor interface Demand Control Ventilation Solid Fuel Protection Energy Saving Gas Isolation
  • Merlin 3000S Energy Saving Interlock System

The Merlin 3000S is an energy saving system designed specifically for commercial kitchens. The system acts an interlock between the ventilation and the gas solenoid valve, while also varying the speed of the ventilation via a 0-10vdc output.

The Merlin 3000S system has 2 built-in 0-10VDC outputs. This is designed to vary the speed of the ventilation system(s) based on either, real-time gas usage via a turbine gas meter, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the area, smoke/steam detection in the canopy using optical sensors or heat detection in the extract ductwork using a thermostat. For the best and most accurate results, all should be used together but any combination of the 4 sensors can be used.

As the CO2 or gas usage increases in the commercial kitchen, the Merlin 3000S will increase the speed of the ventilation system to provide the perfect cooking environment. Conversely, when only minimal gas is being used and the CO2 levels are low, the Merlin 3000S will reduce the speed of the ventilation systems, saving energy and money.

The optical sensor will increase the ventilation should it detect excess smoke or steam in the canopy along with the duct mounted heat sensor to monitor excess heat in the duct.

The Merlin 3000S also carries out its duty as a traditional ventilation interlock and gas pressure proving system alongside the ventilation on demand capabilities. This allows for one single small control panel in the kitchen, freeing up valuable real estate on the kitchen walls.

  • Gas Pressure Proving feature provides a tightness test on the pipework downstream of the gas valve
  • Ventilation interlock system which isolates the fuel supply if the ventilation fails
  • Monitor up to 2 extract or supply fans
  • Accepts signals from the fire alarm or BMS system to isolate the fuel supply
  • System can be used with a variety of gas detectors
  • The system can automatically boost the ventilation in the event of high levels of CO or CO2
  • Is compatible with a CO2 Monitor
  • Demand Control Ventilation save energy and money
  • Solid Fuel Protection
  • Energy Saving
  • Gas Isolation
Width: 254mm
Height: 178mm
Depth: 62mm
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