Quantometer Gas Meter


S&S Northern Ltd offers QM Quantometers manufactured by Honeywell. Their size range starts at 25mm and runs up to 150mm. The smaller meters from 25 to 40mm are all supplied with a BSP Male Threaded connection with unions. Then from 50mm and above, all Meters are supplied as standard with a PN16 Flanged connection with a Wafer type design. Fixing Bolts are supplied as standard with each QM Gas Meter. Their measuring principle is all down to the Turbine Wheel which spins in proportion to the volume of Gas that has passed through the Meter.

This reading is displayed as standard on a 7 Digit Mechanical Index which can be rotated for an easier visual reading of the data when using the Meter in either horizontal or vertical lengths of pipework. A Low Frequency Pulse Output is also supplied as standard for transmitting data to a remote reading service or Building Management System. As an option, a Digital Readout can be offered to replace the Mechanical Index. The QMe head fits in the same position and uses a one-button navigation in order to show more data such as live flow rate and daily volumes. The QMe also provides further options of communication output with an M-Bus connection available.

The versatility of the QM Meters is shown in their high measuring ranges and pressure tolerances twinned with their compact design and robust construction. The combination of all of these points gives the QM Meters suitability to be used on a wide variety of Gas installations, including supplies that use Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Manufactured Gases. Filtration is advised in order to protect the Turbine Wheel from harmful particles that could cause potential damage and obstruction to the operation of the QM Meters. Top Hat Commissioning Filters are available alongside more permanent Pad style Gas Filters.

  • Flanged Connection, Screwed Connection
  • Pulsed Output Available (additional MBUS on request)

Available upon request

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