Rotary Gas Meter


S&S Northern Ltd offers our RM Rabo Rotary Meters manufactured by Honeywell.. By utilising key features and benefits from the previous RVG, IRM and other previous models that they have manufactured. The combination of these designs means the RABO is ready to handle a large scale of applications at a competitive cost with future proof design characteristics. The Rotary Displacement principle entails the of two impellers that rotate in sequence without touching one another. Each rotation is proportional to a set volume of Gas that is passed through the Meter.

A reducing gear then transfers this data up to the 8 digit mechanical index for a visual reading of the Gas that has passed. Alongside the visual reading, a Low Frequency Pulse Output is supplied as standard which can communicate the data to be picked up by a Building Management System or another form of Automatic Meter Reading. Other options are available such as a High Frequency Pulse Output for more precise data collection and also an S1D encoder which can transmit Data through an M-Bus connection. The RABO Range is available in sizes from 32mm up to 100mm with Flanged PN16 Connection.

The accuracy of the RABO Gas Meters is so high that conventional lengths of straight run pipe on the inlet of the Meter are not essential in their requirements. They also have the flexibility to be installed in either horizontal or vertical installations with the possibility of rotating the Meter index in order to get a more comfortable read of the Meters visually. The Flow Ranges of the RABO Meters allows accurate Gas Measurement even when a system has a high turndown ratio or fluctuating levels of Flow Rate. With MID Approval, they can also be used for Billing applications as well as standard Gas Monitoring. With a standard specification for Natural Gas applications, the RABOs can also be used with Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Manufactured Gases as well.

  • MID Approved
  • Flanged Connection, Screwed Connection
  • Pulsed Output Available (additional MBUS on request)

Available upon request

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