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S&S Northern sponsors defibrillator to protect local workers and residents

S&S Northern has demonstrated its commitment to its new neighbours at Buckshaw Village by sponsoring a defibrillator which can be used by all the businesses based there and local residents.

Since relocating to Buckshaw Village in October last year, S&S Northern has benefited greatly from working with other businesses in the area.  So the company has decided to show support for Buckshaw by investing in a state of the art defibrillator which is sited at nearby Cow Shed café.

Sue McMahon, Director at S&S Northern says,

“Keeping people safe is our business. There is an 80% chance of survival from cardiac arrest if a defibrillator can be administered within a few minutes of an arrest.  Buckshaw Business Hub approached us with their plan to install six defibrillators across Buckshaw Village to maximise the chances of survival for any resident or worker suffering a cardiac arrest.  We were delighted to support this plan and we hope the defibrillator we have sponsored will save lives if it’s needed in the future.”

Jamie MacGregor from Buckshaw Business Hub says,

“We are very grateful to S&S Northern for sponsoring the defibrillator.  We are working with a number of other businesses across Buckshaw Village to sponsor a further five so that we can make Buckshaw a really safe place to live and work.  The defibrillators normally cost £1,500 but they have been heavily subsidised by the North West Ambulance Service so we would be delighted to talk to other businesses on Buckshaw who would be interested in sponsoring one.  They will be available for everyone to use as the key code will be held by the Ambulance Service.”