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Back to school for local engineer

Local lad Lee Dempsey is an ex-pupil of Phillips High School in Whitefield and still lives and works in the area for his family run company, S&S Northern. In 1995, a gas detection system was installed in the school laboratory by S&S Northern, but they were in need of replacement this year due to changes in technology and the fact that teachers now want more control over gas availability, so Lee was sent along to assist with the new installation.

philipsLee, Sales Engineer at S&S Northern, was 15 years old when the first gas detection system was installed at the school and didnt think he would be returning to supply a new one nearly 15 years later, Schools are in need to update their gas systems, especially in kitchens where new standards such as BS6173 is concerned, which ensure they are safe to work in. Its really strange coming back to my old school to fit out the science laboratories, but great to see they are adhering to the most stringent safety standards so they can continue teaching safely.

The installation is also remarkable for S&S Northern because Phillips High is the 500th school that they have installed safety systems for. As Steve McMahon, Lees step-dad and Director at the company says, We are rolling out our systems with real success, with 390 systems in laboratories in schools already fitted. Technology has moved on, allowing teachers to have more control over the gas in chemistry labs and in home economics rooms.

The new systems will automatically undertake daily monitoring tests to check for gas leakage and in the event of a leak, will prevent gas being released into the classroom.

S&S Northern supplies systems that are easy and safe for classroom use, including functions that enable teachers to fully control gas and electric supplies at the touch of a button.