Hydrogen Gas Detector X


The S&S Hydrogen Gas Detector X is a hydrogen gas semiconductor detector and is typically used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a Merlin controller. Hydrogen is lighter than air and will therefore rise, meaning the gas sensor should be mounted 1ft from the ceiling of the protected area. At detection, the detectors will go into alarm at 10% LEL. When connected to a Merlin controller, built-in alarm relay outputs can be used to activate the power supply to a remote audible alarm, activate ventilation fans or shutdown battery chargers. This can then be rectified by resolving the leak, allowing the sensor head to clear and resetting the attached Merlin panel and detector.

For further information on our Merlin gas detectors please refer to our product data sheet.

• Low level & high level alarm.
• Traffic light style gas level display indicator.
• Straightforward to install.
• Can work in conjunction with other Merlin Gas Safety Systems to ensure maximum safety.
• Modbus RTU compatible
• Built in test button for onsite commissioning
• Covered by S&S Northern Ltd 3 year warranty.

• Height – 140mm
• Width – 95mm
• Depth – 30mm

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Gas Detector X Product Datasheet – NG, CO, LPG, H, O2, CO2