Merlin 2000X Panel (incl. Gas Pressure Transducer)

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The Merlin 2000X is the ultimate gas pressure proving & ventilation interlock system, specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens to meet BS6173. This panel is designed for use when the kitchen appliances do not have flame failure devices fitted, therefore gas proving is a requirement.

The Merlin 2000X system uses two unique built in current monitors which displays the exact fan current, in order to interlock with the ventilation with precision accuracy. The system is compatible with both current monitors and air pressure differential switches in order to interlock with up to 4 fans.

• Allows Compliance with BS6173 for commercial kitchens
• Internal LCD Display of the fan current for simple installation.
• Set high and low fan current range.
• Clear LED display for system indications
• Gas proving for when kitchen appliances are not fitted with flame failure devices
• BMS Normally Closed or Normally Open and Common
• Low Pressure monitoring for incoming gas supply
• Interlocking with fans using either Air PD switches or external fan current sensors to interlock up to 4 fans
• Easy Installation
• Will accept remote emergency knock-off buttons
• Covered by S&S Northern Ltd 3 year warranty.

• Height – 178mm
• Width – 254mm
• Depth – 62mm

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