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S&S Northern are now providing CO2 protection to Scotland’s households

By September 11, 2017S&S Northern

S&S Northern has launched its new Merlin CO2 24hr AVG Monitor in line with the Scottish Technical Handbook October 2015. 

The Merlin CO2 24hr AVG by S&S Northern is a household carbon dioxide monitoring system specifically designed in line with the Scottish technical handbook. If the CO2 reaches alarm level the Merlin CO2 24hr AVG monitor will illuminate ‘High’ to indicate a visual and audible alarm to alert occupants to improve the ventilation in the room. The Merlin CO2 AVG Monitor will also record an average CO2 reading over the previous 24 hours in accordance with the set regulations along with an integrated mute button for the audible alarm.

The benefits of using the Merlin CO2 AVG Monitor include:
• Clear, easy to read LCD screen shows CO2 level and the average CO2 in the previous 24 hours
• Traffic light warning indication
• Integrated mute button
• 240VAC Mains powered
• Complies with the Scottish Technical Handbook October 2015 requirements for CO2 monitoring within domestic dwellings.
• 2 year Warranty, UK manufactured [/tab]

For further information on the Merlin CO2 AVG Monitor please do not hesitate to contact our office on ‘01257 470983’ or alternatively email ‘’.