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S&S Northern Support Local Charity Through Lockdown

By July 1, 2020S&S Northern

“Thank you S & S Northern for supporting Inspire Youth Zone”

S&S Northern donate a monthly gift to a local
Children’s Charity Inspire, Chorley Youth Zone.

Lockdown has been a very strange and scary time for many of the Inspire young members.
Schools have been closed, they could no longer visit their friends and family units reacted in
many different ways. It was evident that the young people would need Inspire more than ever,
so whilst many charities were forced to close, the Inspire Youth Zone team was quick to adapt to
ensure thousands of local children’s and young people could still access the support they need.

‘Since lockdown, Inspire has adapted our delivery to provide much needed support young people and the wider community’.’Our young people have needed us more than ever and thanks to your regular gift from S&S Northern we’re able to continue our vital, sometimes life changing youth work for thousands of local young people.’

‘Through the use of Facebook Live, Insta TV and a series of gameshows, daily challenges and much more we’ve delivered over 217 hours of pre-recorded content and many more through live session.’

Inspire have done the upmost for the community by hosting crisis helplines, safeguarding calls, welfare visits plus social distancing 1:1 mentoring and emergency community responses by making 546 calls and 864+ bags of personalized shopping delivered.

If your business would like to become a part of the Inspire Supporters Programme by donating a monthly gift to the children’s charity, running charity events or even volunteering at the Youth Zone you can get in touch by emailing and arrange your visit.