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Customer service is key to success

By December 24, 2013September 24th, 2014Case Study, Kitchen Interlock, S&S Northern

Staff at The Leaf Tea Shop and Bar in city centre Liverpool got to see for themselves S&S Northern’s commitment to customer service following a recent break-in at the tea shop and bar.

leaf restaurantLeaf’s Managing Director, Natalie Haywood, says, “We realized we had been broken into during the night when we came to open up in the morning. This was made worse by the fact that during the break-in the key which turns the kitchen’s gas interlock safety system on and off had also been taken, so we were unable to get the kitchen working until we had a new key.

We phoned S&S Northern who supplied our gas interlock system to see what could be done and we were absolutely delighted with their response. In a crisis situation they immediately offered to provide us with a new key free of charge and even drove 20 miles to hand the key over to us. Now that’s what I call customer service! Most importantly their help ensured we were able to get the kitchen working again for lunch time and therefore we didn’t lose any trade. A fantastic result for a small family business like ours in such circumstances!”

Steve McMahon, Managing Director of S&S Northern says, “Providing excellent customer service is fundamental to our business. We are always prepared to go that extra mile, in this case literally, for our customers! As a small family business ourselves, we understood the impact that a very unfortunate event could have had on Leaf, so we wanted to do everything we could to help them get back to business.”