1000BH Gas Pressure Proving & Gas Detection (incl. Gas Pressure Transducer)

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  • 1000BH Gas Pressure Proving & Gas Detection (incl. Gas Pressure Transducer)

The Merlin 1000BH gas pressure proving system complies with Building Bulletin 100 (BB100) for fire safety in schools and is designed for use in boiler houses. This panel is to be used to carry out a gas proving test on the pipe work in order to highlight if there is a gas appliance open or a gas leak. The Merlin 1000BH is designed to give the user full control over the incoming gas supply with the lockable key-switch operation.

The Merlin 1000BH can work in conjunction with natural gas, carbon monoxide and LPG sensors. The Merlin 1000BH also has an auto reset feature in the event of a power cut.

  • Gas Pressure Proving feature provides a tightness test on the pipework downstream of the gas valve
  • Accepts signals from the fire alarm or BMS system to isolate the fuel supply
  • System can be used with a variety of gas detectors
  • Gas Isolation
Width: 254mm
Height: 178mm
Depth: 62mm
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