Merlin FAB1
(Fire Alarm ByPass Panel)

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Standing for Fire Alarm Bypass the Merlin FAB1 can be integrated with any of the Merlin suite of products to give the operator the opportunity to temporarily bypass the gas isolation system. With prior notice to a fire alarm test, the operator can turn the key to the on position giving an un-interrupted gas supply for between 10 and 45 minutes. During this time the system controlling the gas will ignore shut-off signals from the buildings fire alarm system and allow factors such as heating systems to remain operational. The bypass time can be adjusted using the blue switches inside the panel. During the bypass time gas can still be shut off, pressing the emergency gas shut off button will close the gas solenoid valve. 

• Adjustable Bypass time using dip switches
• Gas Supply can still be cut off with emergency stop on panel fascia
• Allows heating systems to stay on whilst fire alarm test is being carried out.
• Clear LED display for system indications
• Covered by S&S Northern ltd 3 year warranty

• Height – 140mm
• Width – 190mm
• Depth – 62mm

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