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Smoking barbecue causes Carbon Monoxide poisoning at Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

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Two people, believed to be staff members, at the chef’s London House brasserie had to be assessed for suspected carbon monoxide poisoning and adjoining flats were evacuated after a carbon monoxide alarm was activated.

Two fire engines and an ambulance were called to the scene, in Battersea, South-West London. Dr Deborah Turbitt from Public Health England warned of the dangers posed by burning charcoal.
‘It is extremely dangerous to have a lit or smoldering barbecue indoors or in an enclosed space. This is because barbecues emit carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that you can’t taste, smell or see.’

This potentially life threatening incident could have been prevented by using one of our Carbon Monoxide Detectors, which will provide an audible and visual alarm if the levels rise to a dangerous level. Our Carbon Monoxide detectors will also close the gas solenoid valve preventing further use of gas in the building until the levels reach a safe level, therefore avoiding any additional safety hazards. When using our CT1750 with a Carbon Monoxide or CO2 detector, this has the facility  to automatically increase the speed of the fans if dangerous levels are detected, even if the panel is switched to the off position. For a full range of our gas safety systems please contact S&S Northern direct or visit our website http://snsnorthern.com/



Full details of the news coverage can be found on the following link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4699978/Gordon-Ramsay-restaurant-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-scare.html

Kirklees - James Rhodes – apprentice commercial heating engineer


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The building services team at Kirklees Council have created a brand new training facility so it can provide an in-house training programme for new and existing engineers. The training facility includes a classroom work area, a domestic cooker, domestic boilers, gas fires, a commercial catering canopy, a commercial gas interlock system, gas meters, CO and CO2 detectors, and a range of manufacturers data.

S&S Northern have supplied a range of gas safety systems so that Kirklees Building Services engineers can familiarise themselves with installing and fault finding on gas Interlocks, gas proving s and gas detection systems.

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ATL Commercial Kitchens Ltd has developed a fully operational demonstration commercial kitchen which showcases energy saving kitchen products to customers.

One of the product the company is showcasing is S&S Northern’s new Merlin CT3000E which monitors the electrical consumption being used from equipment under the canopy alongside CO2 levels within the commercial kitchen. When the Merlin 3000E receives a signal via the electricity or CO2, it adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This results in a huge cost saving for commercial kitchens as fans do not then need to be run at full speed all the time whilst still maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for the kitchen staff.

ATL, based in Hull, specialises in commercial catering and building services.  The company helps professional kitchen staff to choose the right equipment for their kitchen.  Their services include planning, design, installation and completion.

Ashley Stephenson and Lee Dempsey at ATL Commercial KitchensAshley Stephenson Director of ATL says, “We have developed the demonstration kitchen in order to showcase our manufacturer’s equipment and the possibilities within ventilation controls and energy efficiency. Many people do not realise that the commercial kitchen environment can be one of the major contributors to wasted energy within a commercial building.  This is really clearly explained within the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), document TM150 2009”.

Lee Dempsey, Sales Manager at S&S Northern says, “We were delighted to partner up with ATL and showcase our newest energy saving product to ATL’s customers.  

We are sure customers will be impressed with what it offers as we know that the payback period for the Merlin CT3000E is just two years.”

Merlin CT3000EThe Merlin CT3000E is a Ventilation Interlock and Electric isolation panel with build-in analogue output signal to regulate the speed of the fans accordingly to the electrical power consumption.  The system comprises a control panel and AC current sensor(s). The Merlin CT3000E can receive connections from remote emergency shut-off buttons and gas detector. It also can be integrated with a BMS and fire alarm.

For more information about S&S Northern’s gas and its full range of products, please visit www.snsnorthern.com, email info@snsnorthern.com or call 01257 470983.

For more information about ATL Commercial Kitchens Ltd and its full range of services and products please visit www.atlcommercialkitchens.com, sales@atlcommercialkitchens.com or call 01482 215870.


Iconic London hotel installs S&S Northern equipment in its kitchens

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Claridges, the iconic luxury hotel in Mayfair London has installed state of the art gas safety equipment in its kitchens to ensure the health and safety of its staff and Guests.  Claridges, working with Gazelle Ventures, has installed two 11/4” Banic Solenoid Gas Valves together with CT1200s Gas Panel interlocks in both the Banqueting and the Pause Restaurant kitchens, all supplied by S&S Northern. Read More

New CO2 detectors provide health & safety backup for commercial kitchens and school classrooms

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S&S Northern has launched new Carbon Dioxide (CO2)  detectors which can be used to monitor CO2 levels in environments such as commercial kitchens, school and food technology classrooms . The CO2 detectors have already been installed in a number of schools and commercial kitchens and Bristol City Council has this month installed 11 detectors in its kitchens. Read More

S&S Northern supplies to Olympic Park kitchens

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S&S Northern’s world class performance and reputation as a gas safety specialist secured the company a contract at the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

In total, 29 of S&S Northern’s gas interlock systems (Merlin 1200) were installed within the Olympic Village’s temporary marquee kitchens, ensuring the health and safety of the staff working in the kitchens and serving food to over 18,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from across the globe, 24/7.

olympic village

S&S Northern’s gas interlock systems were the choice of Ideal Catering Solutions, the Norfolk based company which was selected by LOCOG for the expertise it offers in creating bespoke catering solutions to kit out the Olympic Village’s kitchens. Read More